26 juni-20 juli

Living peacefully during intense energy times
We have some extremely intense energies right now:

Mercury Retrograde from June 26 – July 20. Mercury affects travel and communication (including communications electronics). So these areas are often disrupted during the three Mercury Retrogrades each year. Not a good time to start projects, unless you enjoy redoing them later. Instead, focus upon completing something you’ve already begun. Don’t sign any contracts during this time. In addition, the Mercury Retrograde is in the emotional sign of Cancer, which means that you could experience an emotional roller-coaster of moodiness (and those around you may be moody, too).

Solar Flares and Winds: Spaceweather.com reports strong solar winds reaching our planet on June 29. For highly-sensitive people, the sun’s intense solar flares and winds can be physically painful! You may experience headaches, migraines, tiredness and these solar flares may also affect electronics.

Post-Supermoon and Solstice: Last weekend’s supermoon and Solstice helped everyone release a lot of negativity. But as with a physical detox, you may experience an ”energy hangover” from releasing so much.

Change, Change, Change Energy: As scandals and deceit continue to be exposed, necessary and needed changes will occur. But first there will be the lower energy’s defensive temper-tantrum, as fear doesn’t like being called on the carpet and exposed. The energy of fear acting-out like a Drama Queen Diva can be felt in your personal life and on the global stage. Don’t get hooked into drama!

Best to rest, lay-low, stay home, and keep your schedule extremely simple right now. Not a good time to take on new projects. Prayer, meditation, drinking lots of water, stretching exercises, and eating unprocessed organic foods will help your body to weather this temporary intensity. Play gentle music in your home, and dress comfortably in natural fabrics. Take naps as you are guided. Trust your body’s energy levels, and don’t push yourself to go when your body says stop.

Together with each other’s support and heaven’s love and protection, we will grow stronger and wiser through this pivotal time.

Doreen Virtue


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