All is perfect

Do not waste your life seeking perfection. Anger and frustration would be the result of such a search. You would lose all peace. Who or what on earth is perfect? Despite all your efforts do you have perfect thoughts? Even the most transformed of people have doubt, fear, and anger lurking in their minds. Take a look at the body. Is it perfect? The most aromatic foods produce stench when purged from the body.

Think further.Could you ever say you have made the perfect decision or have chosen the perfect course of action in any given situation? Impossible. Where is perfection? Creation itself is imperfect. Over millions of years, nature has been experimenting with every form of life including the human body. When creation itself is so structured, is not your craving for perfection in people and situations a madness? Ultimately are you perfect? Give up the idea of perfection; all is perfect.

Sri Amma


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