Beauty in You

Life is so good. I’am glad that you notice and truly come to understand it now. It’s more deepen. You are more aware. More aligned.

Like when you watch leafs in the autumn and you see how beautiful they are and you maybe feel sad because you notice their beauty to late. When they fall to the ground though their beauty remain.

Your sadness is when you realize that you haven’t been appreciate their beauty during the spring or summer time. You just began to notice when it’s almost to late.

Beauty is now. Beauty is everywhere. Recognize it right now. Appreciate it and give thoughts and emotions to it. Send it love today. Give your love and beauty to the world, and the world responding right away by sending you more to love and more beauty to see.

Start today be seeing yourself in the mirror and give yourself beautiful and loving thoughts and emotions.

See that beauty in You. Love is already there. Just recognize it!




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