There are many people who feel it is blasphemy to call Jesus anything than the Son of God, so we will, but we will not call Jesus the Son of God in any other context than we put you in the same category. In other words, everyone who comes forth is an extension of Source Energy. You are Source Energy or ”god” in physical bodies. Jesus came, like the rest of you, did his part in banging around, he separated himself from the trauma and the struggle, came into alignment with who he had become, and stood in that vibration of greater knowing that he had carved out of his life experience, and then told the story of that. And the others who were witnessing hardly anybody coming into alignment with who they are, then pronounced him unique, King of Kings, Son of God…when what he was, was just a regular guy tuning into who he was and teaching through the clarity of his example…that everyone else could do the same thing. And he said that all day, everyday, but people couldn’t hear him then, and they can’t hear that now. That’s the story that he told. Jesus said: ”I am not that which you are not.”, he said: ”It is your faith that makes you whole”…in other words, everything he said was about ”I am an eternal being, and so are you”…but not one time ever, (and it’s a distortion if you’re hearing it today), that He ever said or mean to imply..”I will do for you what I see you cannot do for yourself”, because it defies all the Laws of the Universe, and it cannot be.

Abraham – Hicks


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