Kundalini Yoga Horoscope

Plockat ur ett textstycke från Kundalini Yoga Horoskopet som inspirerar mig den här veckan;

”Don’t get down on yourself for the small things in your life that might not be working exactly the way you want them to. Instead, focus on the larger trends in your life that are going well. Put an emphasis on the positive, and look to expand those areas of your life that call for more exploration, experimentation, and validation.

How is your vision board coming along? On Tuesday, a meeting with friends or colleagues may remind you that there are bigger fish to fry. Bigger opportunities are waiting for you out there. Bigger ideas to seize and embrace. If you continue along in the same path and the same routine day after day, you may never actually find the pot of gold that you are looking for. Only when you try something new, dare to expand, and give yourself permission to dream, will you manifest the true goals that you are hoping to achieve.

What are these goals? Revisit that vision board and make sure it is updated with your most current desires. Furthermore, if you still haven’t taken the steps to create one at all, Tuesday is a good time to play catch-up.”

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