Kundalini Yoga Horoscope

Idag börjar vår vackra yogaretreat vid Siljans strand och det känns tryggt att även stjärnor och planeter är med oss i vår inre resa…

On Friday, the Moon in Gemini speaks to our need to communicate, to connect with others, and to mend any bridges that need mending. There is a tendency to juggle many different plates at once – or at least try to. Most of the day you will feel a desire to reach out to people to be heard, and to be understood.

First make sure that you understand yourself! The kriya entitled “Experiencing Your Elementary Personality” is a good, rigorous one, which includes 11 minutes of dancing, along with postures to stimulate the Saturn and Jupiter energies in order to uncover the true and perfect soul within you.

On Saturday, the call is to join with others for a common purpose and to get the job done. Don’t delay in making connections with people that you have wanted to be closer to for weeks. Also keep in mind that the waning Gibbous reaches its exact halfway point today, suggesting a square-angle between the Sun and the Moon.

What does this suggest? That relations between the male and female polarity might be a bit strained today as one side wants to go one way and the other side wants to go a completely different way.

On Sunday, sleep in and enjoy the lazy fog of your dreams that still lingers when you first wake up. It is not until about 1pm (10am PST) when the Moon moves into Cancer that you feel yourself actually coming to life.

For the remainder of the day, attend to domestic duties, connect with your mother, and take care of the laundry. Enjoy a home cooked meal with family and stay tuned in to your sensitive and fluctuating emotions. Sunday is a time to stick close to home and enjoy the connection that you share with your loved ones. Relax, have fun and be honest with your feelings.

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