Kundalini yoga horoscope

On Tuesday, Pluto, the power planet, begins a retrograde period that will last until September of this year, thereby giving you a nice long opportunity to work through old, deeply-seeded taboo issues that have been wearing on you since childhood.

Use the next few months to take a look at addictive behaviors, sexually-related wounds, and issues regarding manipulation, control, and underhanded maneuvers. Examine relationships that may have tendencies toward co-dependence, depression, and denial.

Take it easy on Wednesday morning and don’t make any major decisions or conduct any major strategizing until the Moon moves into Capricorn at about 1pm (10am PST). After this time, you can expect that everyone, including yourself, will be more disciplined, more efficient, and level-headed. The mood will be grounded, practical, and task-oriented. This is a great time to conduct business, plan a budget, and take action that helps bring you closer to goals that you have in mind for yourself and your career.

Toward the late afternoon, a lunar trine with Mars helps put emotions into action. Use powerful feelings to fuel a project, a conversation, or a task that you have been meaning to get to. There will be great passion in whatever you do or say so act from the heart, stay grounded, and precede with care.

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