Open relationship with God

Are you afraid of using the name God, afraid of being misunderstood as deeply religious or a not grounded new-age-person. Are you longing for a place in between or above where you can connect to God/your higher source the way that it suits you.

Are you missing the deep connection with God in your life, sometimes feeling lost and alone and would benefit from reconnecting to him. Be guided and supported. Have him helping you along the way.

I want to help you establish a relationship with God that works for you, for your life and your interests. It is my strong belief and experience that a relationship with God can be open and free. You can choose the relationship you want and invite him in the areas of your life that you need.

Why not Invite and Unite with God in all areas of your life and see them improve, but most of all you will feel true satisfaction of becoming whole again, One with yourself.


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