If you are dealing with food addictions or compulsive overeating, here are three steps to make a switch in your habits…

Step 1 – Know when you are getting ready to bury your emotions with food. Be able to recognize the signs and observe yourself as you go through the process of pre-meditating a binge.

Step 2 – Ask yourself: ”Would I rather bury these emotions with food or would I rather allow these emotions to exist and just be with them for a bit?”

Step 3 – If you say you’d rather face your emotions, sit with them for a while and see what they have to tell you. Chances are, after listening to them for a few minutes, your addictive craving will pass.

OR if you do decide you’d rather have the food, accept your decision. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Know that each time you have the cravings you can repeat this 123 process until you are ready to look at the emotions, and then you’ll begin to make a habit of choosing to look at your feelings instead of choosing to stuff them down.


The Garden Diet


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