The healing science of the Sun is one of the oldest sciences and medicines on this planet. This article teaches Surya Ayurveda – the healing science of the Sun. Read quotes from India’s oldest spiritual, health, medicine and religious books: the Vedas and learn how you can use the Sun (Surya) for your healing.

There are many aspects to Surya Ayurveda, but a few will be dealt with here, and include the following methods:

  • Solar mantras (such as Om, Hrim and Gayatri)
  • Yogic postures (asanas), such as the twelve-cycle ‘Surya Namaskaram’
  • Surya-dhyanam (solar meditation), including activation of the chakras
  • Ashwini and Surya puja (worship of the Solar twins and Sun God)

Och här finns massor av mer inspiration, Sunlightenment.


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