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Trusting life

Trusting life is not about getting what you want, hope for, await or expect. It’s about knowing that, whether or not you get what you thought you wanted, somehow you’ll always be given nourishing food for awakening; that situations, events, relationships will shake you up just enough – or more than enough – to focus you absolutely, to help you remember who you really are, to remind you of that original burning question, ”who am I?”, the most intimate question of all. Life’s slings and arrows will bring those parts of you – those thoughts and feelings – desperately in need of kind attention to the real-time surface, where they can be seen, illuminated by the ever-present light of your loving awareness, held in your natural effortless embrace. Situations only become ‘problems’ when we forget our true calling, to meet life on its own terms, to embrace the unembraceable, to touch the darkness with our indestructible light.Trust that what will happen will happen, and what will be spoken will be spoken, that choices will be made or not, pain will emerge or not, and trust is no longer a necessary word, because life is too intimate to be named, and you are too close to yourself to move away…
Jeff Foster

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