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Laugh & love

Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live…




Venus is the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Sexuality.  In many ancient cultures, the time of Venus retrograde was closely watched and respected. With the energy of Venus affecting us all so strongly in areas of love and relationships, this is an ideal time to clear karma of the love kind.  Going deep within the heal the wounds of love, to cut karmic ties to past lovers, and to connect to our own sense of inner beauty and well-being.

The energy of Venus Retrograde in Transit is asking us all to reflect and go inward.  What wounds must be healed?  What closure is necessary?  You may find that old lovers and friends emerge from the shadows giving you the chance to clear your vibration.  But isn’t necessary to talk to people directly. You can simply send them energy and above all, clear the energetic hooks within you that bind them to you.  This is the time of the rebirth of the Divine Feminine.  Allow the energy of love to flow through you!

Spirit Voyage



Something missing

Every lover feels that something is missing, because love is unfinished.

It is a process, not a thing. Every lover is bound to feel that something is missing.

Don´t interpret this wrongly. It simply shows that love in itself is dynamic. Love is just like a river, always moving. In the very movement is the life of the river.


Love is dynamic


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