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Pleasure & desires

Whatever pleasures you want, the pleasure of eating, or the pleasure of physical relationships, these are all natural desires, they have been naturally put there by creation. What you must do is you must fully express it, enjoy yourself but then intensely be aware of whatever you are doing. If you enjoy an icecream be aware of it. You are going to enjoy some nice dinner, enjoy it. You are going out for a dance enjoy it, in awareness. If you suppress these things you are not going to become spiritual, you are not going to become awakened. May be you become a saint.

We are not trying to become saints here. We are trying to become awakened. We are not hoping or waiting to make you into saints. Not at all. A saint may not be awakened. A saint may not be enlightened. We are talking of awakened beings or the enlightened beings. So its very very different.

The awakened beings, the enlightened beings are normal person who lives a normal life. He can become angry, he can shout, he may sometimes be violent also but then there is intense awareness in whatever he does and there are no regrets. Today he might save the snake, tomorrow he might save the frog. If he saves the snake, frog will die. If he saves the frog, snake will die. He will simply act. He won’t go back and think he had do the right thing. Simply he will act that’s all. That action arises in that moment and it’s finished. That’s how enlightened man functions.

You have to really live life. So if you enjoy your food enjoy it. If you love driving, drive the car. That’s how you have got to live.  So be intensely aware of what is going on. So you don’t have to think about why you came out of the planet. Whatever your natural desires are fulfill them. If you do this, you are suppressing these things but fully…with awareness, very naturally you will know why you came here. But when trying to know why you came here you will never get there. By denying yourself you will never get there. Express yourself, enjoy yourself. Be aware and you will know all these things.

Sri Bhagavan


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