This week’s energy

… is about revealing hidden secrets. You are being pushed to get brutally honest with yourself. Everything that you’ve pretended to like will come to the surface, forcing you to deal with it directly.

So if you stuffed-down feelings about your job, relationships, etc., something will happen that makes you finally admit your feelings and take charge. You ”hit bottom” with dysfunction, and put your foot down to the Universe, saying: ”I’m not going to do this anymore!” This is one reason we are seeing an increase in activism and a greater awareness and involvement in important issues.

You’ll see an increase in scandals in the news, as deceit is discovered. You will also discover if your friends or family have been dishonest with you.

Your best way to handle – and even enjoy – this energy is to take quiet rest time to contemplate your entire life. Admit which parts of our life aren’t working. This knowledge will help you to make important decisions which will help with healthful life changes.

Don’t worry about HOW to change these areas of your life. Just focus upon admitting that these areas need help. Pray for help and guidance, and notice the signs and inner guidance which follows. Healthful life changes can happen quickly and miraculously if you’ll work in partnership with Heaven.

Doreen Virtue


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