Unlocked potential

Unlocked potential

I can see that my overweight is a bunch of unlocked potential. And it was never about food and exercise it was all about me wasn´t being me.

I was afraid of releasing me, releasing my dreams, my potential, my fire, my power – my light.

I was a coward. Terrified what others might think of me if I walk through life full of myself.

So, I hid. Withdraw. Dressed downed. Isolated myself. And hid under the most secure wall of all – my weight.

It was never about food and exercise. It was never about weight. It was all along about me being afraid and uncomfortable with releasing my potential and living my calling. Afraid of being fully me.

Is your overweight unlocked potential? Has it come to be a burden, a frustration to you not being you. And what is the voice inside calling you to do, because I know for sure it is not calling you to eat, it is calling you the be big in the world, not big in size.


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