Beautiful world

Beautiful world

One Sunday afternoon a father was trying to take a nap, but his little boy kept bugging him with ”Daddy. I’m bored.” so, trying to occupy him with a game, the dad found a picture of the world in the newspaper. He cut it up in about fifty pieces and said, ”Son, see if you can put this puzzle back together.” The dad lay back down to finish his nap, thinking the map would keep his son busy for at least an hour or so. But in about fifteen minutes the little guy woke him up: ”Daddy, I’ve got it finished. It’s all put together.”

”You’re kidding.” He knew his son didn’t know all the positions of the nations, so he asked him, ”How did you do it?”

”It was easy. There was a picture of a person on the back of the map, so when I got my person put together, the world looked just fine.”

Life’s healing choices
John Baker


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