Conspire with God

First of all, it’s smart – to conspire with God

I couldn’t think of anything smarter than to conspire with God. God is your super power, the smarter (smartest) voice within, your coworker, CEO and mentor. Your guide. Tell me where you would be if God wasn’t in your life? I can tell you, you weren’t born.

So now that you obviously is here, the best you can do is to let go of your own ego and tap into the consciousness of the smartest one.

The guiding will always be the best. The path gets clear. Although you can’t see all the steps, all the way, God will make sure you’re on the right path. Always.

And for me it’s about the deeper knowing that God got my back, that I’m safe and taken care of. And by knowing that – I become confident. And confidence gets me relaxed and feeling sexy. Sexy, in the meaning that I wear a secret nobody else can see.


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