Full moon

Känns toppen att inleda Yogans hösttermin med fullmåneenergi… yogan hjälper mig att släppa taget om det gamla, såsom stress, den öppnar mig med tillit för det nya, för livet. Den omfamnar mig med kärlek, så att jag som en lotusblomma vecklar ut blad efter blad i min krona – till den högsta renaste versionen… mitt sanna jag.

Full Moon is Monday
September 8 

Celebrate a change in your life. Even if it is a challenging one and you are struggling with accepting it, celebrate it anyway. This is a time to embrace change and use its power to expand yourself into new territory. It is also a good day to anchor the beginning of a new project, a routine or a relationship, OR the beginning of a new phase in a project, routine or relationship. Celebrate it.

This full moon is also good for supporting any commitment you make for change this month. If you have contemplated something in your life that you are intending to change, your committed intention can be supported by this full moon. Take a baby step towards your goal during this time.



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