Any advice on HOW to forgive someone? I really need to take a course called Forgiveness 101. I’m not kidding! Any help would be appreciated.



Dear Collin
Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves for it sets us free. The other person may not even know we are in pain.

Here is something we can do to change things. Pretend you are walking down into a valley. as you descend into this valley you notice with delight how very beautiful it is. Lush and green. Flowers everywhere. Birds and butterflies. Trees and a gentle stream. and you see a beautiful, gentle stream. Find a comfortable place to sit on the bank by the stream. Settle down and just relax.

Ask yourself, what is the hardest thing to forgive? Remember the pain that incident caused you. Where are you carrying it in your body? How long have you been carrying that pain? In this very safe place, allow yourself to take the pain out of your body and hold it in your hands.Look at it from every angle. How big is it? What color is it? Does it have a sound? A smell? A taste? Do you really want to keep it any longer? Are you willing to let it go now?

Gently place it in the stream. Watch the current dissolve it and take it away. All that hurt and suffering is being dispersed, made harmless as it drifts away. Feel the water flowing against your hand, washing it clean. Notice how glad you are to have released that old junk. Wash yourself free of every vestige of the past. See blocks and barriers drifting down the stream. Watch them go. They have no part of you any more. You are cleansed and you are free.

As you walk up the valley feel the love beginning to flow. There is nothing to stop it now. You feel peaceful. ALL IS WELL. 

Louise L Hay


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